Strengthen the Development of Interdisciplinary Study

Interdisciplinary study is a new concept introduced globally.  It allows students to step out from their comfort zones and acquire a broader horizon in other disciplines, which in turn prepares them in ‘making connections among a variety of disciplines to gain insight into contemporary, personal, professional and community situations (GEP PILO7)’.  In UIC, 6 interdisciplinary courses are to be offered in the 2014-15 academic year. To further strengthen the development of Interdisciplinary Study, it is necessary to:

  1. Establish a critical mass to support the enhancement of these courses by recruiting faculty with multi-discipline exposure.

  2. Promote importance of interdisciplinary studies through the organization of a series of activities, such as exhibitions, poster presentations, seminars, publication of information leaflets, on-line demonstrations, etc.

  3. Encourage cross-disciplines collaboration in the course design via arranging workshops for fellow staff members facilitate innovative interactions as well as inviting external consultants to share good practice.

Students are introduced to a new category as ‘Interdisciplinary Study’ with courses from different disciplines listed below:

  1. Business Sustainability, Industry Innovation and Corporate Accountability (from DBM)

  2. Science and the Modern World (from DST)

  3. Language, Images and Practices in New Media (from DHSS)

  4. The Politics and Social Framing of American Art (from DHSS)

  5. Environment, Food and Psychological Health: An Asian Perspective (from GEO), and

  6. Psychology in Art, Film and Literature (from DST)